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California Umbrella insurance coverage
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Umbrella Insurance in California

Although most people think that umbrella insurance is only reserved for the wealthy, it is not. You need to cover your vehicle or your home when the general liability coverage is exhausted. You need it when the lawsuits come your way, and when you need to hire the best attorney. These kind of things can happen to anybody, in California or any part of the world.

WPL Insurance Services provide an umbrella coverage to the people of Santa Clarita, CA and other parts of California to ensure that their properties and their reputations are well guarded. We cover losses that may arise due to Injuries, damage to property, and lawsuits among others. Some of the possible policies include:

  • Body injury liability - this covers all the body injuries caused to another person either by your car or your pet while on your property.
  • Property damage coverage - Sometimes, you or your child may cause damage to another person’s property, and you may have to cater for all the expenses to replace it. In such a case, we may cover all the damages caused.
  • Lawsuit coverage - this will compensate you when you are slandered, arrested wrongfully, or even prosecuted maliciously. The policy will also cover the charges of the legal proceedings.
  • Landlord coverage - this is for landlords to help cover all the costs associated with their building. WPL Insurance Services understands that people may point fingers at you and claim that their injury is as a result of a fault in your building or parking garage and thus, we cover all the unforeseen risks for you.
  • We cover people from all walks of life and are here to meet your needs. If you are from the suburbs or own a shop or building in Santa Clarita, CA, you can visit our website and find out what other insurance products are available for you. If you have any questions or concerns, reach out to our agents for more information.

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