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California RV insurance coverage
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RV Insurance in California

Hauling your big RV for camping trips or cross-country voyages is risky business, which is why insuring the vehicle is a good idea. Some types of RVs in California will require insurance depending on multiple factors. WPL Insurance Services offers RV insurance at competitive prices for residents in Santa Clarita, CA.

Know More About Insuring Your Recreational Vehicle In California:

  • Your RV can only be insured for up to 250 days of the year. Although this is plenty of time to go traveling, it cannot be done year-round.
  • Your car insurance will cover some of your liability, but not everything. Purchasing RV Insurance will give you full coverage of your trailer or vehicle.
  • Many insurance companies will require specific installments within the RV to be considered a motor home under their policy. These include an air conditioner, a refrigerator, drinking water supply, and an electrical system. To be classified as a travel trailer, only a cooking area and sleeping space are required.
  • Comprehensive coverage will likely be desired by the owner. Instances of theft, vandalism, fires, or natural disasters are major threats for travel trailers. Look into a policy that gives this sort of coverage.
  • Collision coverage will cover damages from an accidental collision with another vehicle.
  • Vacation Liability coverage should be considered if you are converting the RV into a temporary residence. This type of coverage may also insure international travel.
  • Look for contents coverage within your policy. If you are storing valuable items within the RV, then this coverage policy will pay out if they are destroyed.
  • Roadside Assistance is included within many RV insurance policies. If you break down, road side assistance will be able to assist you at all hours. Some policies will even cover food and lodging at such events.
  • Keep in mind that your travel trailer is a very high-value investment that will be exposed to the elements. You should insure it just like you would insure your home or your car. If you need an RV insurance policy within Santa Clarita, CA, then check out the plans from WPL Insurance Services. Talk with our agents and we can prepare a policy that fits your needs.

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