Things that home insurance doesn’t cover

When you buy your home insurance hopefully you asked questions about what was covered and how much coverage you have. But did you ask what wasn’t covered? Probably not and not knowing can hurt you if one of these perils ever occurs. If you know what isn’t covered you can make other provisions for coverage. The exclusions are listed on your policy but if you haven’t read it you will be unprepared. At WPL Insurance Services in Santa Clarita, CA, we are independent agents who make it our business to reduce the risks to our customers. 


Considering how common floods are it is inconceivable they are not covered on your home insurance but they aren’t. No type of surface water is. If your pipe bursts and floods your house that would be covered. As little as one inch of water can cause thousands of dollars in damage. Flood insurance is available through the National Flood Insurance Program and can cover both your home and your contents. 

Earth movement

This includes earthquakes, mudslides, and sinkholes. All of these movements of the earth are not covered on a traditional home insurance policy. The California Earthquake Authority provides the majority of earthquake insurance in the state. 

Owner negligence

As a homeowner, your insurance company has some expectation you will maintain your home. If you end up with damage as a result of your neglect the insurance company is not going to pay. Treat your home for carpenter ants and termites if they are a danger and repair or replace your roof before it causes damage. 

Expensive jewelry

Your home insurance has limits on the amount it will pay for jewelry. You can buy an additional rider to supplement the amount of coverage you have.

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