Things that home insurance doesn’t cover

When you buy your home insurance hopefully you asked questions about what was covered and how much coverage you have. But did you ask what wasn’t covered? Probably not and not knowing can hurt you if one of these perils ever occurs. If you know what isn’t covered you can make other provisions for coverage. The exclusions are listed on your policy but if you haven’t read it you will be unprepared. At WPL Insurance Services in Santa Clarita, CA, we are independent agents who make it our business to reduce the risks to our customers. 


Considering how common floods are it is inconceivable they are not covered on your home insurance but they aren’t. No type of surface water is. If your pipe bursts and floods your house that would be covered. As little as one inch of water can cause thousands of dollars in damage. Flood insurance is available through the National Flood Insurance Program and can cover both your home and your contents. 

Earth movement

This includes earthquakes, mudslides, and sinkholes. All of these movements of the earth are not covered on a traditional home insurance policy. The California Earthquake Authority provides the majority of earthquake insurance in the state. 

Owner negligence

As a homeowner, your insurance company has some expectation you will maintain your home. If you end up with damage as a result of your neglect the insurance company is not going to pay. Treat your home for carpenter ants and termites if they are a danger and repair or replace your roof before it causes damage. 

Expensive jewelry

Your home insurance has limits on the amount it will pay for jewelry. You can buy an additional rider to supplement the amount of coverage you have.

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Do You Need to Report Home Renovations to Your Insurance Agent?

Remodeling your home is a great way to increase property values and improve the overall quality of life for your family. However, before anyone picks up a hammer or starts coming up with design ideas, it is important to talk with your Santa Clarita, CA insurance agent. Here’s what you need to know.

Why It Is Important to Talk to Your Insurance Agent About Home Renovations

Before you start any projects, it is a good idea to schedule an appointment with your homeowner’s insurance agent. Why?

For starters, having contractors in and out of your home during the process raises the risk of an accident or guest injury from occurring. This is why many property owners opt to increase their level of liability coverage during a project.

Next, any improvements made to your home can increase the value. If there was a sudden fire or another source of major damage, this would make a difference in the replacement cost to rebuild. Certain renovations can also increase the square footage of your home, which also affects coverage. By letting your agent know what’s going on, they can adjust the policy accordingly to ensure your home is totally protected.

Changes in Life Require Changes in Insurance Coverage

Whether you’re looking at adding extra space or just updating the cosmetic look of your home, it is incredibly important to communicate with your Santa Clarita, CA insurance agency. At WPL Insurance Services, we want to make sure your policy meets the needs of your family while providing you total protection. If we don’t know that you’ve made a major upgrade to your home, it makes it harder for us to do our jobs.

Are you ready to learn more about how renovations affect your homeowner’s insurance coverage? Please contact our WPL Insurance Services team today.

How Often Should You Review Your Home Insurance Policy?

Reviewing your home insurance policy is an important part of making sure you have the right level and type of coverage to meet your needs and protect your present and future. Generally, there are two reasons to review your policy. Either you’ve had a change that you need to incorporate, or it’s simply been a while since the policy’s been looked at. Either way, WPL Insurance Services can help. We want to be sure all our Santa Clarita, CA customers can get the help and support they need, in order to have quality insurance coverage from a company and agents they can trust.

If you haven’t had any changes to your household situation, you can probably have your insurance policy reviewed once every year. That’s a great thing to make time for right around your renewal date, just to ensure you’re getting the best coverage. But if you have changes that take place at other times during the year, you may want to have your policy renewed earlier. That can give you the peace of mind that comes with knowing your insurance policy is protecting you and your loved ones, along with your material possessions. Your agent can give you great advice about what kinds of changes might need policy updates, and the frequency of policy reviews that will be right for your situation.

If you’re ready to have a review of your home insurance policy, contact us at WPL Insurance Services today. Our agents will be happy to answer your questions and give you the information you need to make an informed decision. If you have a home in or around the Santa Clarita, CA area, we can provide the services you’re looking for to make sure your house is properly protected. Then you can focus on all the great things the area has to offer, instead of worrying about protection for your home.

Three things to know about replacement cost home insurance

When you are selecting a home insurance policy, one major decision you need to make is whether you want a replacement cost or actual cash value policy. Both types of policies are available to Santa Clarita, CA through insurance providers like us at WPL Insurance Services.

The following are three things you should know about replacement cost home insurance. 

Replacement cost insurance will compensate you for the full value of completely replacing your home if it is completely destroyed.

If you choose replacement cost insurance, your home insurance provider will need to calculate replacement costs for your home if you file a claim. This means that any depreciation your home has experienced shouldn’t detract from the amount you are compensated for a claim. 

Replacement cost insurance compensates you more in the event of damage than actual cash value policies. 

The primary alternative to a replacement cost insurance policy is an actual cash value policy. Such policy factors depreciation into your compensation amounts. This means that you’ll get less for claims if you have an actual cash value policy than you will with a replacement cost policy. 

Your premium payments will be a little higher if you opt for replacement cost insurance. 

While replacement cost insurance will typically compensate you more, it will also cost more in your monthly premiums. If you’re looking for a policy offering the lowest monthly premiums, you might want to opt for an actual cash value policy. 

If you’d like to learn more about replacement cost insurance or other home insurance options in Santa Clarita, CA, get in touch with us. We’re here to answer all your questions at WPL Insurance Services. 

Dog Bites and Homeowners Insurance

Those who own dogs are usually proud to have these canines as members of their families. Although the vast majority of dogs are friendly and well-mannered, from time to time, even the sweetest dog may have a bad day. If your pooch’s bad day includes a nip or a bite toward someone who is not in your family, you may be worried about your liability for someone’s medical bills. If you have questions about dog bites and your homeowner’s insurance in Santa Clarita, CA, read these tips from WPL Insurance Services.

Dog Bites are Common.

If your dog has bitten someone, you probably feel pretty ashamed about the whole thing. However, keep in mind that dog bites are one of the most common claims that homeowners insurance companies receive. Don’t hesitate to reach out to your insurance agent and discuss the whole situation with them. They can advise you on how to proceed.

Choose Your Dog Breed Carefully

If you haven’t yet gotten a dog and you’re considering one for your family, you may want to check with your insurance agent first. Some homeowner’s insurance policies will not cover dog bites if you own certain breeds of dogs. Often, this is related to dogs that are illegal in your jurisdiction. Check out the legalities before you take the dog home.

You Can Buy Extra Insurance for Dog Bites

If you have a nervous neighbor and a highly excitable dog, you may want to purchase extra insurance coverage specifically for the possibility of a dog bite. This means that if someone does get bitten and their bills exceed the standard liability on your homeowner’s policy, you will still be able to pay for their needs. 

If Your Dog Has Bitten in the Past

If your dog has a history of biting, your homeowner’s insurance may inform you that bites from that dog will no longer be covered, regardless of the breed of the dog. You may need to either keep the dog confined away from other people or find him a new home.

If you need advice about a dog biting situation in Santa Clarita, CA,  contact an agent at WPL Insurance Services. 

Should You Adjust Your Home Insurance?

Your home is probably your biggest investment, and you want to make sure it’s properly insured. But there may be times when you need to make adjustments to the insurance on your Santa Clarita, CA area home. At WPL Insurance Services, we can work with you on any policy changes you need to make. How do you know if changes are needed? We can help with that, as well. We’ll answer your questions so you can make an informed decision. Then the adjustments to your home insurance policy will be the right ones, and you can feel secure about them.

Why would you want to make adjustments? There are plenty of reasons. If you make significant home improvements, for example, you may need to raise the coverage limits you have because the value of your house could be higher. You may choose to lower your coverage limits if you pay off your mortgage since you’ll no longer be required to carry insurance by your lender. No matter what you’re considering doing with a home insurance policy adjustment, talking to your agent to address your choices and make the right decision is very important.

At WPL Insurance Services, we want to make sure your Santa Clarita, CA area home is properly protected at all times. Reach out to us today, and let’s talk about the policy you have. Is it the right one? Should you make some changes? We want to answer your questions, so you can feel confident and have peace of mind about your insurance policy. That’s what insurance is for – to protect your investment and help you feel secure. We want to make sure we’re a part of that, and we’ll work with you to get the home insurance you need and make changes that will benefit you in the short term and the long run, too.

5 Tips to Prepare Your Home for Summer

With hot weather fast approaching, now’s a good time to prepare your home for summer. The following tips from WPL Insurance Services will ensure your Santa Clarita, CA home is in tip-top shape for family gatherings and holiday fun.

Service Your AC

Before summer heat hits in earnest, test your AC to see if it’s running properly. If your unit isn’t cooling your home as it should call your HVAC specialist for an inspection and servicing. You want your unit to be fully operational before family and friends start arriving for the summer holidays.  

Check Your Foundation and Roof

Summer heat can be accompanied by rainstorms that can damage your home if there are cracks in your foundation or leaks in your roof. Take time to inspect your foundation, exterior walls, and roof and make any necessary repairs so you’ll be prepared for summer rains. Don’t forget to clean your gutters as well so water doesn’t accumulate on the roof and warp your shingles.

Bug-proof Your Home

Protect your home from bugs by sealing windows and doors and making sure food is stored properly so as not to attract roaches or ants. If needed, call in pest control pros to safeguard your abode against annoying bugs.

Clean, Clean, Clean

Give your home a good cleaning to start summer off with a bang. Deep clean your bathrooms, kitchen and garage, decluttering as you go. Wash windows, clean ceiling fans and shampoo your carpet. You could even touch up your walls with a fresh coat of paint to make the interior look like new.   

Update Your Home Insurance

Update your home insurance to ensure your abode is well protected against any eventuality. For customized home insurance coverage that fully protects your Santa Clarita, CA home, contact us at WPL Insurance Services today.

3 Motorhome Insurance Facts You Should Know

A motorhome isn’t just a vehicle for the people within it. It’s often a place where they keep their most valued possessions. If you own a motorhome or are thinking of purchasing one, find out more about how insurance works in Santa Clarita, CA.

Your Motorhome Usage Matters

Your policy will depend on how exactly you use your motorhome. If you’re using it primarily as a house, then your coverage will need to include the vehicle as well as everything inside. You may also want to consider what you will do if you can’t use your motorhome due to extensive damage. If you need temporary living assistance, such as a place to stay while your motorhome is in the shop, you need to ensure this protection is in place with your carrier at the time the policy is drawn up. 

Your Limits Are Crucial 

Motorhome owners need to be comfortable with the limits on their coverage, but not everyone takes the time to examine their individual limits. These numbers represent the highest level of coverage for different events. However, some policy limits may not be helpful in the case of extreme circumstances. If you’re not sure how your limits work, WPL Insurance Services can help explain them to you.

Your Carrier Can Help 

A motorhome insurance carrier who understands your individual needs can really make a difference in your life. If you live in Santa Clarita, CA and need help choosing the best possible policy, call WPL Insurance Services today. We’re here to listen to you and give you the straight facts on both required and additional coverage. Whether you’re on the road for one month of the year or 12, contact us today so we can help. 

Five Unusual Perils You Might Not Know Your Homeowners Insurance Probably Covers

Many Santa Clarita, CA homeowners have never taken a close look at their homeowner’s insurance policy, and probably don’t know everything it covers – the premium, deductible, and the limits of coverage both for the structure and belongings inside getting all the attention. If your house is damaged by a storm or catches on fire, you expect that to be covered by your WPL Insurance Services policy, same as if a drunk driver crashed their SUV into your dining room or if burglars hauled away all of your electronics. But aside from the typical types of claims that your homeowner’s policy covers, there are other unusual events that your current policy probably includes.  

  • Food spoilage – Power outages are often caused by weather-related events such as rain, lightning, high winds, ice storms, or flooding, all damages covered by your insurance policy. When the power goes out due to a major storm, you may often have spoiled food in your refrigerator, freezer, and pantry.  When a weather event produces a blackout that causes damage to your home, it makes sense to look into including spoiled food in your claim. 
  • Trees, plants, and grass – Curb appeal is important, so how would you feel if someone drove their car over your pristine turf or mowed down your favorite tree? Landscaping can be expensive, so it can pay off to find out if yard damage is covered by your home insurance. 
  • Defamation – Not everyone gets along with their neighbors. Nastiness may begin as a few unkind words tossed over the fence, but can often escalate into accusations of defamation and a civil suit. If you are accused of defamation, check out whether your homeowner’s policy will cover your defense. 
  • Dorm Room Burglary – If you’re a Santa Clarita, CA homeowner with college-aged children, you’ll be happy to know that your home insurance policy may cover the theft of their belongings when they’re away at school. There may be age restrictions for this coverage, and may only include protection for on-campus housing.  
  • Wild Animal Damage – An animal stampede might seem like an unlikely peril, but it’s more of a risk than you might think. Imagine what a family of raccoons could do in your attic, what a bear might do to your enclosed porch, or a herd of deer could do to your favorite rose bushes. Coverage generally does not include damage caused by pets or domesticated animals.

Do you know everything your homeowner’s insurance policy covers? Give WPL Insurance Services a call today and find out.

Do I Need to Have Home Insurance?

Owning a home is considered to be a great long-term investment option. When you do own your own home, it is important that you carefully protect your property as much as possible. One big part of this is to have a good home insurance policy in place at all times, and there are several reasons why you need to have home insurance on your property at all times.

Provides Valuable Protections

When you buy a home, you will need to make sure that you adequately protect your asset. The best way that you can do that is with a home insurance policy. The standard home insurance policy can give you protection against storm damage, fires, theft, vandalism, and many other situations that can cause a financial loss. You will also receive some personal liability coverage that will help you out if you are ever sued for liability if someone is hurt on your property. 

Requirement in Agreements

There are a variety of situations in which home insurance will also be a requirement in a formal agreement. If you end up taking out a mortgage to buy the home, the bank will make you carry home insurance on your property as long as there is a balance still on your loan. Also, if you live in a condo association, you will normally be required by the agreement to carry some level of coverage to protect the property and give you liability coverage. 

If you are examining your home insurance needs in the Santa Clarita, CA area, you should reach out to WPL Insurance Services to discuss your needs further. The team at WPL Insurance Services can help you by providing you an overview of your insurance options and needs to make sure that you are properly covered.