Adding Your Teenager to Your Auto Insurance

"Can I borrow the car, Dad?". 

If this question is about to happen – all the time – you need to add your teen driver to your auto insurance policy. But you may be wondering how this will affect your policy? That depends on a few factors. Read on to learn what you need to know about adding a teen driver to your auto insurance in Santa Clarita, CA.

Adding a Teen Driver and the Impact on Insurance Rates

Insurance rates are based on the statistical probability of a driver getting into an accident. Unfortunately, teen drivers fall into the area of most likely to crash. The numbers simply aren’t on their side. Because this group poses a higher risk to insurance companies, you can expect your insurance rates to climb when you add one or more teen drivers to your policy. To help ease the cost, there are some ways to get a discount on your rates. First of all, have your teen take a certified safe driving course,. Then, see about getting discounts for good grades and fit your vehicle with a telematics device that measures how well your teen is driving. 

Learn More About Adding a Teen Driver 

The team at WPL Insurance Services is here to help you and your family add your teen driver to your auto insurance policy in Santa Clarita, CA. Our friendly team of reputable agents will answer all your questions and concerns and help you find ways to save money on your insurance rates. Adding a teen driver can be a stressful time, but it is a necessary step to take as kids grow up. Call WPL Insurance Services today for help. 



When Shoud You Choose The Maximum Amount Of Collision Insurance?

Most people with a vehicle, especially a newer model vehicle, know the value of full coverage insurance. Also, you may not know when you should choose the maximum amount of comprehensive coverage available to you. Learn more about what coverage options are available to prevent financial loss during a covered event. 

Selecting The Highest Amount Of Comprehensive Coverage

In instances where you have a high ticket vehicle, or you are the owner of a rare collector’s car or truck, you may want to opt for the highest deductible option. In some rare cases, you may even need to purchase umbrella insurance or specialty auto insurance. Speak with your auto insurance agent to find out which level of comprehensive coverage will best fit your needs. 

Working With A Knowledgeable Agent

If you are serious about getting the right policy and avoiding costly gaps in coverage, you need to work with an experienced agent from an established insurance agency. They will guide you through the process and present options that suit your lifestyle and your current needs. Don’t guess about the level of coverage you need for your auto insurance. If you are a resident living in or around the Santa Clarita, CA area, you should consider working with WPL Insurance Services to get the most out of your coverage. 

Know the facts about your insurance coverage by working with agents with experience and industry insight. WPL Insurance Services is proud to serve people living in the Santa Clarita, CA area. Call or stop by to speak with one of our agents today. Get started protecting your vehicle and get the peace of mind you need while on the road. 

7 Great Reasons to Update Your Auto Insurance

Your auto insurance is important, and you want to make sure it is protecting the investment in your vehicle the right way. One of the best ways you can do that is through periodically updating your Santa Clarita, CA auto insurance through WPL Insurance Services. With the right company and agent behind you, you can keep your insurance up to date and ensure that you have the coverage you need. Auto coverage and rates can change for a number of reasons and in a lot of different circumstances, so periodically reviewing your insurance is a great way to make sure you have what you really need for your vehicle’s protection.

  1. You got married or divorced
  2. You gained or lost a driver in your household
  3. You moved to a new location
  4. You changed cars or want to change car coverage
  5. You have not checked your insurance rates in a while
  6. You completed a driver training or safety course
  7. Your credit has changed significantly

Nearly everything about your auto insurance can be affected by changes to your household. A lot of people do not realize that, so they have the same policy with the same coverage limits for years and years. They do not necessarily understand why their premiums change, and they may not have up to date information on their policy, either. That can cause problems for anyone who makes a claim, since auto insurance requires accurate information to remain valid. By working with us at WPL Insurance Services, we can help you, and others in the Santa Clarita, CA area have the vehicle insurance they need and want. We are here to help, and want to make sure you have the right level of coverage and proper information on your policy, to avoid any future problems with claims.

Protect Your Transportation: Protect Your Car

Being in an accident can impact so many areas of your life that having good insurance is like carrying a safety net that catches you when you fall. When you insure your vehicle, you protect your ability to get back to work and move on with the rest of your life. You have fewer risks to face and more support getting back on your feet. Policies that offer full coverage will include collision, comprehensive, liability, medical, and much more. There are a full array of options available when choosing auto insurance. Being educated on these topics is the most important aspect. Knowing what events you are covered for and not can help you when the time comes to file a claim. Make sure that your vehicle has the proper protection so you will be covered, whether you are in LA or Santa Clarita, CA.

How to Protect Your Vehicle

Accidents happen; many of their long-term consequences can be reduced with wise planning ahead of time that softens the blow of the unexpected. This means taking a little time and discussing your auto insurance needs with experienced and knowledgeable agents like ours at WPL Insurance Services. We’ll show you the most up-to-date information on insurance policies available from companies you recognize, like The Hartford, Nationwide, Travelers, Progressive, MetLife, and many more.

We are a local company serving the Santa Clarita, CA area and we know California law. For instance, did you know that state law requires that good drivers who meet state requirements qualify for a respectable discount on their premiums? So your insurance planning will not only serve to protect you should the unfortunate ever occur in the future, but it will also reward you now for your driving record. This is great news that many drivers aren’t aware of, and we may have even more tips like that for you, so contact us today. The agents at WPL Insurance Services can work with you to help you build an auto insurance policy that fits your needs. Contact us for a quote.

How to Choose the Right Auto Coverage

Choosing the right auto insurance in Santa Clarita, CA will help you save money and make sure you are covered in the event of an accident.

When choosing car insurance, look at your overall financial picture. You want to be able to afford your deductible and premiums comfortably, but if you are a homeowner or have a lot of financial assets, you may want to increase your liability coverage over what’s required. If you are financing your car, the loan or leasing company may require you to have both comprehensive and collision coverage on your policy. You may also want to add gap coverage if you are still paying off your car so you aren’t stuck paying for a car you can no longer drive.

There are some things you may not need to add to your coverage, depending on your situation. If you have health insurance, you may not need to add medical payments coverage. Check to see if your health coverage will pay for any accident-related medical expenses.

Other factors for determining car insurance include your driving ability. If you are a cautious driver, you can have a higher deductible. Your driving habits can also play a role. If you have a heavy commute, you may want more protection.

When you choose insurance, you will have to set the right deductible. A higher deductible means you will pay more out of pocket if you are in a car accident, but also that your premium will be lower.

Make sure to do an annual review of your car insurance with your agent at WPL Insurance Services. If you have changed jobs or work at home, you may be driving less and may qualify for a lower premium.

Contact an agent at WPL Insurance Services in Santa Clarita, CA to get a quote on auto insurance or try our online rating tool.


What Can Happen if You Do Not Have Auto Insurance?

There are a lot of people who would prefer to not pay for auto insurance every month. Even though this may sound nice in theory, it is important that you have the right amount of auto insurance in the Santa Clarita, CA area. You can get into a lot of trouble without it. Here at WPL Insurance Services, this is not something that we want you to have to worry about.

What Can Happen if You Are Caught Without Auto Insurance in California?

When you are caught without auto insurance in California, you can be subject to fines. For the first offense, you can be fined anywhere from $100 to $200. For the second offense, you can be fined anywhere from $200 to $500. These fines do not include the penalty assessment fees so the fines will actually be a lot larger in the end. At the end of all the fines, if you have a first and second offense, you will actually pay almost the same amount for auto insurance in the first place. In addition to these fines, the court can order that your vehicle be impounded which means you will also no longer have access to your vehicle until you pay the impound fees. 

As you can see, this is a big hassle to deal with if it occurs. The only way to avoid these penalties and fines is by having the right amount of auto insurance. You will need to make sure that you at least have the minimum amount of coverage that is required by the state laws in place. If you are not sure how much you should have or if you have enough, be sure to reach out to WPL Insurance Services serving the Santa Clarita, CA area. 

How does insurance work if your vehicle is stolen and then wrecked?

At WPL Insurance Services, the agents are ready to answer the tough questions if your car is ever stolen and then damaged in an accident. Residents who live in the Santa Clarita, CA area can find out exactly what their policy covers if they are ever forced to deal with a stolen vehicle. In many cases, the car is returned with no damage at all. Other individuals aren’t always so lucky. Their car may be wrecked or damaged in other ways.

What Happens If Your Car Is Stolen and Then Damaged?

One of the most common concerns after a stolen vehicle has been recovered is whether or not it’s been damaged in any way. Many stolen cars often end up being involved in a collision or having parts stripped away. After the police report has been filed, an appraiser will look at the vehicle to determine what damage has been done, if any. Once the insurance agency has their report, they will let you know what your options are.

What Are Your Choices?

Depending on the extent of the damages, your insurance agent will give you a few options to choose from. If there is extensive damage to the vehicle, the primary option would be to total the vehicle and send it to the scrap yard. If the damage is minimal, estimates will be scheduled and repairs can be made as needed.

If you live in or near Santa Clarita, CA, call the agents at WPL Insurance Services if you have any questions about what is covered by your auto insurance policy. The agents have the answers to all of your questions and can perform a quick audit to make sure you have the coverage you need to protect your vehicle.