Should You Consolidate Your Auto Policy When You Marry?

You have probably heard that you should consolidate your auto insurance when you get married, but if you watch the TV show “The Closer” you probably remember when Brenda and Fritz got married and Brenda found out her auto insurance cost would nearly double if they bundled it. That was because Fritz had not one, but two DUIs he had neglected to mention. While TV often gets the details wrong, in that case, the scriptwriter nailed it. This blog discusses the advantages and disadvantages of obtaining your auto insurance as a couple once you marry, so you know whether to keep your policies separate or not.

True fact: Most married couples do cut their premium costs by combining coverage. 

Getting married reduces your risk in an insurer’s eyes including WPL Insurance Services of Santa Clarita, CA. Married people take fewer chances and their typically safer driving styles are born out in statistics and surveys.

Married folks might save between five to 25 percent on a policy depending on their records and the insurer. You could net a multi-policy discount by obtaining both auto and home insurance through the same agency.

You should keep your policies separate when one half of the happy couple has poor credit, a bad driving record, or drives an expensive vehicle, especially a sports car. 

There is a difference between a speeding ticket a couple of years back and a DUI. The two do not both equal a poor driving record. DUI or DWI on a record reflects poorly on the driver’s responsibility.

Conviction of a DUI or DWI usually results in the driver needing to move to an insurance agency that serves high-risk drivers. They will only be able to obtain minimum coverage. The spouse with no conviction can use any insurance agency and obtain full coverage but will need to exclude the spouse from coverage and bar them from operating their vehicle.

Contact WPL Insurance Services today to find out whether you should combine your auto insurance now that you are a married couple in Santa Clarita, CA. We can help you determine the best alternative and help you cover your vehicle.