Does Commercial Insurance Cover Off-Premises Business Possessions?

In Santa Clarita, CA, just about any home insurance policy is going to provide some protection for the off-premises property. That is, if your laptop is stolen from your car, it’s covered. But, your commercial property insurance might not offer that same protection, or it might offer very limited protection in that regard.

Every business insurance policy is different. Some insurance policies don’t cover any property at all. If your business is all online, for instance, you don’t really have any property to insure, you’re just covering for liability. So a commercial policy is not going to automatically provide protection for the off-premises property.

The only way to be sure is to read your policy, and if you’re not covered, call your agent and see what they can do for you.

You may find that you are offered some protection for off-premises property, but only up to half the limit of the on-premises property. This means that if a truck moving your whole business to a new location is totaled, along with everything in it, you’re only getting half of your investment back. So even if you have some protection, you want to make sure that you have enough.

If you’re shopping around for insurance for your Santa Clarita, CA business, whether it’s a new company or you’re just looking for a new provider, you can call us at WPL Insurance Services, stop by the WPL Insurance Services office, or get in touch through the website. You don’t want to run a business without adequate insurance protection, so get in touch as soon as you can and let’s see what we can do to protect you and your business.