Updating Your Auto Insurance For Seasonal Changes

Southern California winters may be milder than most states, but we still have our unique needs. Dry winters mean fire warnings, and wet winters mean unfamiliar driving conditions. These natural weather events might lead you to think about updating your auto insurance for seasonal changes. A call to WPL Insurance Services serving Santa Clarita, CA could help you determine your need to update your auto insurance going into the winter months.

Think About Comprehensive and Collision

If you’ve carried minimum liability-only insurance you might consider adding comprehensive and collision insurance for the winter months. Even though Southern California is dry most of the year, the winter months can see rain storms resulting in lower visibility, slippery roadways, and more hazardous conditions.

Seasonal wildfires have made the mountain landscape more prone to landslides. This adds another level of consideration for drivers in the SCV who drive on the 14 freeway, one of the affected thoroughfares in the area. 

Moreover, the windy season can bring a wealth of increased hazards for drivers. From fallen trees to gusty wind areas toppling semi-trucks, it’s better to be prepared for the worst while hoping for the best.

Comprehensive and collision insurance are usually bundled together, and you should talk to your agent if you’d like one or the other. The latter helps in the event of a crash, while the former covers such things as vandalism, theft and other types of physical damage

As a driver in Santa Clarita, CA you want to up-to-date coverage for changing area weather conditions in the area. To learn what kinds of coverage you could benefit from, talk to an agent at WPL Insurance Services. We can help you determine if updating your coverage is right for your driving needs.