Why Commercial Insurance Protects Your Small Business

If you have a small business in the Santa Clarita, CA area or are looking to begin operation on one, you should consider purchasing commercial insurance. Many small businesses have found this insurance to be beneficial when protecting their dream. WPL Insurance Services has a commercial insurance policy to fit your needed coverage. 


Every year, thousands of small businesses succumb to the financial strains of liability and lack of insurance. Commercial insurance protects your business by providing liability coverage. Generally, these claims are for the unforeseen accident where a client has suffered some form of bodily injury while on the business property or during services.

Take your liability coverage one step further and include cyber liability. With electronic databases being available and stored through online servers, protecting client data requires coverage from hackers who illegally access your sensitive information for malicious reasons. 

Property Coverage

Damages to your business property can also be covered with a commercial insurance coverage policy. In this portion of your plan, all of your furniture, equipment, and any other property associated with your business is covered if damaged during an unforeseen incident. Whether the damage is the result of theft or something else like fire or vandalism, your property is covered under this policy. Attempting to refurbish property without commercial insurance can be an expense that can change the financial stability of your business.

If your business property includes the use of vehicles, including auto coverage on the policy is essential, as your liability and potential for damage can increase with the use of automobiles. 

Get Covered

Protect your small business investment and your dream by purchasing commercial insurance. WPL Insurance Services proudly serves the Santa Clarita, CA area, providing small businesses commercial insurance that gives them security and peace of mind.