Will my home insurance cover my jewelry and collectibles?

At WPL Insurance Services, we help our clients in Santa Clarita, CA protect their homes against losses so that they can live their day-to-day lives knowing that if anything were to happen, their valuables would be protected. The protection covers losses that happen because of fire, burglary, and vandalism, generally, and can cover everything from clothing to your dining room set. Items like jewelry, artwork and other kinds of collectibles are considered unique and may not have enough coverage.

Many people may assume that their jewelry is automatically covered under their policies, as long as they make sure to keep an inventory and the receipts to prove the value of the jewelry. However, jewelry and other kinds of higher-end valuables often receive limited coverage under a basic homeowners insurance policy, which is meant to insure standard losses.

The limitations are usually spelled out in the contract, which has the basic policy limits and which also often details the limited coverage on extraordinary items like jewelry and artwork. It is essential to go over your contract with your insurance agent very carefully. You may also be better off having an appraisal on hand so that you have additional proof of the value of your items. If you need more coverage, you may be able to purchase a policy with higher limits, or you may find it easier to obtain coverage that specifically protects your most valuable items.

Some of the most important items to you may not have adequate coverage. If you would like to obtain more protection for your jewelry or other collectibles in Santa Clarita, CA, please call WPL Insurance Services today.