How to Choose the Right Auto Coverage

Choosing the right auto insurance in Santa Clarita, CA will help you save money and make sure you are covered in the event of an accident.

When choosing car insurance, look at your overall financial picture. You want to be able to afford your deductible and premiums comfortably, but if you are a homeowner or have a lot of financial assets, you may want to increase your liability coverage over what’s required. If you are financing your car, the loan or leasing company may require you to have both comprehensive and collision coverage on your policy. You may also want to add gap coverage if you are still paying off your car so you aren’t stuck paying for a car you can no longer drive.

There are some things you may not need to add to your coverage, depending on your situation. If you have health insurance, you may not need to add medical payments coverage. Check to see if your health coverage will pay for any accident-related medical expenses.

Other factors for determining car insurance include your driving ability. If you are a cautious driver, you can have a higher deductible. Your driving habits can also play a role. If you have a heavy commute, you may want more protection.

When you choose insurance, you will have to set the right deductible. A higher deductible means you will pay more out of pocket if you are in a car accident, but also that your premium will be lower.

Make sure to do an annual review of your car insurance with your agent at WPL Insurance Services. If you have changed jobs or work at home, you may be driving less and may qualify for a lower premium.

Contact an agent at WPL Insurance Services in Santa Clarita, CA to get a quote on auto insurance or try our online rating tool.