What A Commercial Policy Covers In California

When you start a business in Santa Clarita, CA, there are a lot of insurance concerns to wrap your head around. Commercial insurance is only a starting point. Beyond that, you also might need to look at other forms of insurance relevant to your industry. Do you need professional liability? Additional auto policies? It depends on your field and the type and scale of your business.

What does commercial insurance cover? When you call WPL Insurance Services for a policy, what do they cover?

It covers three things: property, general liability, and your employees with things like workers’ compensation. For some businesses, maybe that’s all you need. For others, it’s more than you need, and you might need a full commercial coverage plan. But generally speaking, this is going to be the foundation for your insurance package.

Maybe the most important one is a general liability policy. When someone gets hurt on your property and decides to take the issue to court, their lawyer is going to look at your holdings and assets vs. your business’s holdings and assets, and chances are your business is a juicier target than you are. Without general liability, one slip and fall can completely sink your business.

If you call WPL Insurance Services in Santa Clarita, CA, we can advise you on exactly what kind of commercial insurance package you need, whether it’s basic liability policy or something more robust. You can’t do business without getting covered, so make sure your plan is sufficient enough to cover all of your assets and risks.