Is Your Home Ready for the Winter?

Winter is going to be here before we know it. While the weather is typically fairly mild in Santa Clarita, CA, there are still some things that you can do to ensure that your home is ready to go for any cold snaps that we may get. Use these tips from WPL Insurance Services to get you started.

  • Get your heating system checked. You do not want to find out that your heater doesn’t work when there is a cold snap. You should have someone come out to inspect it before the cold weather hits to make sure there are no issues and that it is ready when the cold weather hits.
  • Clean out your gutters. There are a lot of leaves that fall in the winter and if you have a lot of trees by your home then you likely have some gutters that need attention. Having clogged gutters can cause damage to the siding of your home, so once the leaves stop falling, clean them out. 
  • Drain your sprinkler system. Before it gets cold, you want to drain the water from your sprinkler system. The last thing you want is for the pipes in the ground to burst because they froze. Have a professional come out to help you with this task as it can sometimes be a tricky one. 

Once you complete these things, your home should be mostly ready for the winter. However, every home is different so there may be some additional things that you need to do to prep your home for the colder months. You should also always have a great home insurance policy in place for anything you can’t predict. Contact WPL Insurance Services, serving, Santa Clarita, CA, to get started on a quote for your home today.