All you need to know about home insurance

In California, home insurance coverage is divided into two broad categories. One covers the property while the other covers liability or injury of the owner or the other occupants. Based on the above categories, WPL Insurance Services provides the following coverage options to the residents of Santa Clarita, CA, and California at large:

Property insurance coverage

Under this policy, we offer you the following coverage types:

  • Dwelling coverage– this is simply a policy that we offer to you to cover your house and any other structure that is attached to it during the time of the loss.
  • Other structures coverage – this protects other structures that are in your home area and are not part of the main house. This can be a tool shed or a separate garage.
  • Personal Property coverage – this covers all assets lost either due to fire or theft. This policy covers items belonging to you or anyone living on your homestead. As for the expensive jewelry, you need to take additional coverage. Luckily, our specialists are always ready to guide you through each process.
  • Loss of use coverage– We offer you protection for loss of your home in an event where you can no longer use it due to adverse damage that needs repair. If you move into a hotel before the house gets repaired, we make sure we cover all the expenses incurred.

Home liability insurance

Under this policy we provide the following options:

  • Personal liability coverage– this coverage protects you when either you or any of your home residents causes injury to others unintentionally. This coverage may take care of all legal charges if a lawsuit arises.
  • Medical Payments to others– this covers all the medical bills for any third party who gets injured while in your home.

Visit us today for more information.Our agents can help educate you further on the advantages of home insurance from WPL Insurance Services in Santa Clarita, CA.